Captain Donald E. Staszko


Captain Donald E. Staszko, is Co-Founder and Director of Operations at Pro Airways, LLC.  He has been a pilot for over 40 years and has accumulated over 30,000 hours of flight time.

In 1970, he joined the United States Air Force and graduated from undergraduate pilot training as an Air Force Pilot.  During that period of time, he was on active duty with the United States Air Force flying during the Vietnam Conflict.  He achieved the rank of Captain.

He came off active duty in 1973 but remained in the Air Force Reserves as an active pilot until 1978, as well as an inactive reserve pilot until 1986.

In 1973, he was hired by American Airlines as a flight engineer on a 727 and then upgraded to a co-pilot on a 727 flying domestic routes.

In 1988, he became International Captain with American Airlines on an Airbus 300/600R flying to Central and South America and Europe until 2001.  He accumulated over 8,600 hours as a Captain on the Airbus 300/600R.

In 2001, he became an International Captain on a Boeing 777 flying to Europe and Central America. Prior to his early retirement in January of 2006, he was the most senior Boeing 777 captain with American Airlines based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Both the FAA 135 certificate and the FAA 145 repair Station are Argus Platinum Certified.

Over the past 15 years Captain Staszko has overseen the purchase and manufacturing of 10 Aircrafts for various clients and OEM’s.  This included factory visits every few months during production and reports to clients on progress of completion –this is accompanied by photos and detailed descriptions. Captain Staszko conducts his own flight testing and final approval of the aircraft prior to an acceptance of the aircraft for the client.


Captain Staszko Holds the following license and Medical from the FAA:

Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), MEL

Type Ratings: A310; B-777; DA2000; RA4000; BAE 125; HS 125; BE-400; MU-300; N-265

First Class Medical

Radio Telephone Operators Permit

Current U.S. Passport

Canadian Canpass

T.S.A. Certificate