Captain Ryan L. Staszko


Ryan L. Staszko is the President and Co-Founder of ProAirways. He founded the company in 1999 and has been a pilot for over 21 years with over 9,500 hours of flight time.

Captain Ryan Staszko boasts an impeccable flight record with no incidents and has had the privilege of flying some of the most exclusive clients. He piloted the first corporate aircraft into Reagan National Airport following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and has worked throughout the years to have ProAirways build the necessary clearances to fly high-ranking elected officials and foreign dignitaries.

He has circumnavigated the globe three times with more than 150 crossings over the North Atlantic and has extensive operating experience in Asia, Europe, Africa and the America’s.

Captain Staszko Holds the following license and Medical from the FAA:

Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), MEL
Type Ratings: MU-300, BE-400, BAE-125, HS-125, RA-4000 and DA-2000
First Class Medical
Radio Telephone Operators Permit
Current U.S. Passport
Canadian Canpass
T.S.A. Certificate