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Tailor made charter flights

Tailor Made Flights

If you need a crew who can navigate international customs at any airports, or a last minute private jet to be on standby as your travel plans change, ProAirways staff is available to cater to your tailor made charter flights. 

At Pro Airways we have the ability to anticipate your needs beyond the runway, and offer all-inclusive services that cover the flight itinerary, catering, ground transportation, lodging and much more.

Corporate Jet Charter Catering services & tailor made charter flights

Catering, Lodging, full-range amenities

Airport Ground Operations services

Flexible fleet for any mission requirements

Corporate Transportation Logistics Services

Ground Transportation Logistics

Crew relays for Multi-City Charter services

Crew relays for Multi-City itineraries

ProAirways Transcontinental Range Charter Services

Transcontinental Range

If for some reason we do not have an aircraft that fits a client’s trip profile and price, ProAirways has the knowledge and ability, with over 20 years of contacts, to locate alternative options.

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