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Rent a light jet

Light Jet

We specialize in offering the Light-Jet category of private aircraft for our clients who require efficiency and comfort during short-range trips. You can rent a light jet when you have an urgent meeting and need an office in the air, or simply a versatile aircraft with low turn-around time on the ground, we can facilitate a solution tailored to complete your mission anywhere in the nation.

Rent a light jet

Beechjet 400A

Sample Aircraft

The BeechJet 400 and its predecessors represent one of the most successful light jets ever produced. Beech Aircraft Company’s leadership in quality, reliability and support can be credited for the model’s success. It boasts one of the roomiest interiors in its class and leaves most of its competitors behind in terms of speed, cabin comfort and fuel efficiency.

Its supercritical type swept-wing and fuel sipping turbofan engines allow a fully loaded 400A to climb directly to 43,000 feet and to cruise at 451 knots with incredible fuel efficiency. As a productive business tool and personal transport, the Beechjet 400A is unmatched in its class.


5 comfortable / max 8


Mach .78


1,635 nm/3,028 km

Our ample network of nationwide partner facilities and resources allows us to broker aircraft that can meet or exceed client mission requirements. Contact us today to let us know your mission needs.

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