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Private Jet Charter Services


Private Jet Charter Services with ProAirways extend beyond the usual cookie cutter charter operator. Not only do we offer a world class FBO with state of the art charter jets to fly you anywhere in the world, but we also offer comprehensive management services for jet owners and other operators.  From mobile maintenance where we fly out to serve your aircraft at any destination, to in-house maintenance services to home your jet at our full-service hangar, clients trust ProAirways because we can cater to all your private flight services and jet cost management needs.

Aircraft Management Solutions
Aircraft Management
Our all-inclusive Aircraft Management Solutions, paired with our full-service hangar and ground operations, make us the ideal one-stop shop for your aircraft.
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Corporate Jet Charter Services
Corporate Charters
Full Corporate Jet Charter Services, even last minute private jets and deals for your high-profile CEOs and staff business and personal needs.
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VIP Jet Charter Services
VIP Charters
The go-to choice for VIP jet charter services, with all-inclusive services that cover tailor made itineraries, catering, ground transportation & lodging.
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Airport Ground Operations services
Ground Operations
Our all-inclusive Aircraft Management Solutions, tailor-made for your schedule and budget, makes us the ideal one-stop shop environment for your aircraft.
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Aircraft security and safety
Our aircraft security and safety are the best as documented by the NTSB. All our aircraft have the latest safety equipment and technology.
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Tailor made charter flights
Tailor-made Flights
ProAirways’ tailor made charter flights and jet rentals cover flight itineraries, in-flight staff, catering, ground transportation, lodging and more.
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