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Hawker 4000 Jet Charter

Hawker 4000

The Hawker 4000 offers a spacious cabin with an impressive blend of comfort, speed, and efficiency. The combination of range and speed make the Hawker 4000 jet charter the perfect option for clients seeking fast, nonstop transcontinental travel.

The Hawker 4000 can be outfitted to seat ten people, this comfortable jet is serves perfectly as an office in the sky for airborne meeting, or as a relaxing living room to rest between cities. In addition, the aircraft’s carbon composite construction gives it more interior space than many jets in its class offering passengers stand up headroom, a full refreshment center and ample baggage compartment. 


8 comfortable / 9 max.


Mach .82


3250nm / 6019km

Our fleet highlights state of the art technology and the pinnacle of comfort. With an expert staff poised to handle every facet of your trip, our aircraft are tailored to your unique mission requirements.

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