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Private Jet Charter Flights

Welcome to ProAirways

Does your business need private jet charter flights out of Boston & New York regions with an impeccable record of flight security, safety and reliability? Maybe you know one of our many clients who love to fly private with ProAirways, thanks to our decades-long record flying jet charters in any aircraft category, to any destination. 

Either way, whether you need to rent a small jet charter, manage private jet cost, or book a VIP getaway, we always cater to your private charter flight requirements. Welcome to ProAirways.

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    ProAirways Family Owned and Operated


    Family Owned and Operated

    ProAirways has over 20 years of tradition serving private jet charter flight passengers with the utmost professionalism and safety. Our two founders have, combined, over 75 years and around 45,000 hours of safe commercial aviation experience

    We are certified to fly private VIPs by the FBI, Secret Service and State Dept. security clearance standards. Find out why government agencies and foreign dignitaries trust ProAirways with their private jet charter flight needs.

    Whether you seek efficiency, comfort, schedule flexibility or access to a remote location, we have a travel solution to fit your need. VIP getaways, Jet Charter rental, managed private jet cost, tailored flights, jet maintenance: ProAirways can cater to your private jet charter flights.